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What is Yconf?

Yconf is a powerful web conference system built over and round BigBlueButton, by which users, web conference sessions, sharing documents or individual screens in real-time, providing interactive presentations, using chat, audio or video streams to effectively communicate within team members, can be easily managed.

Accessing the system can be done using only a browser from either a PC/laptop or a mobile device (tablets or phones).

BigBlueButton is an open-source project highly used within both educational system and commercial companies in order to deliver better long distance online learning experience.

You can use Yconf in ….


Educational system

For those educational institutions who are willing to extend their educational offers for long-distance learning. Yconf easily integrates with different online eLearning platforms (such as Moodle, Dokeos, Ilias, eFront or any other eLearning system) in order to create real-time synchronized sessions, moderated or recorded, as anyone wishes.

Human resources

Gives a helping hand to HR activities. Provided the opportunity to make a pre-selection of the candidates before the face-to-face interview. Nowadays, online interviews are the most easy way to interrupt geographical and time barriers. Therefore, at any moment from any location 2 or more persons ca participate in an online conference which can be recorded for later on review.

Online sessions

Yconf allows two or more members of a conference to real-time interact in an integrated platform (such as wordpress, joomla, drupal or any other  CMS open-source or proprietary) Users can interact video, audio, can share documents or sections of their display, can make presentations, etc.

Yconf Components!

Yconf core | Yconf-application| Yconf-app


Is a customized and greatly improved version of the BigBlueButton, the best open-source video-conference system. It also represents the core Yconf our video-conference solution.

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Is the main application developed over and around the BigBlueButton core which allows secured user, web conference sessions, enrollment and session recording administration.

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Is the application for the mobile devices (tablets, telephones). The mobile world, bigger everyday, will definitely have a big plus with our Yconf-app. Currently is in the development phase.

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Allows live interactions with other members using live or private chat.


Provide a better involvement of participants.


Friendly social interactions using diverse emoticons


Recording and Playback

Gives the opportunity of conference recording for later on playback.


Drawing board

Using a drawing board to make a note has never been much easier.

Sharing screen

Allows screen sharing or only a part of it.


Using the advantage of the WebRTC technology for Chrome or Firefox browsers.


Presentations or Sliders

Converts in sliders both pdf files and office presentations shared with all conference participants.


Web Cam

Allows sharing user webcams to all conference participants having infinite numbers of active webcams available.

Managing users

Provides the user managing system: naming users, giving a password and a role, ability to delete, modify or add them.


Basic but important alerts: when creating an account, a new conference or starting one.


Manage web conferences

Provides the opportunity to manage web conferences: making them public or private, setting up a starting date, sending invites.

Yconf - Integration solution

Yconf integration with the most used open-source System? For sure!

Most common eLearning platforms (for example Moodle, Dokeos, eFront, Ilias, Atutor)
School management system such as Fedena
Various Content Management Systems such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla

Dokeos integration

Using an API we can integrate your Dokeos eLearning platform to manage web session.

Moodle integration

We integrate Yconf as a Moodle activity. Using Yconf you can create a web conference in a course, therefore recording and playback a web conference has never been much easier!

eFront integration

Alows managing web conference sessions

Drupal integration

Integration is being resolved by an API in the Drupal CMS (Content Management System)

Wordpress Integration

Using a plugin we can integrate your wordpress site to manage all your web-conference sessions using a user-friendly interface .

Fedena integration

You can easily manage web conference sessions directly from your Fedena user interface.

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Yconf | BigBlueButton
  • Choose server-type
  • Server location (Europe, Asia, USA)
  • Infrastructure planning
  • Customised development
  • Other systems integrations
  • Load balancing

Monitoring & upgrade

Yconf | BigBlueButton
  • Remote server monitoring
  • Configure system notification
  • Managing upgrade
  • Planning upgrade
  • Making upgrade
  • Securing server
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Technical assistance

Yconf | BigBlueButton
  • Contact: e-mail or telephone
  • 24 hours, 7 days/ week
  • Incident tracking
  • Escaladate incident to the development team
  • Communicate incident status
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